The World is Mine, and So are You.

Steven Joseph Christopher

5/22/46 R.E.

A Facebook Group has been initiated for you to help me usher in the Kingdom of God.

This group was created for those who wish to help me usher in the Kingdom of God. With the many different issues of today to distract your attention away from what should be your number one priority, this group should help you get focused on the things of God. I have a plan, and you may not agree, but I believe in time you will see things my way.

This song, “Kingdom of God”, by Twila Paris was played 19 years ago today at my wedding on May 22 in 1993 during a ceremony where my friends gathered around Janice and me to lay hands on us in blessing us. It was a very powerful experience.

19 is the number associated with “faith”.

Have faith in the ushering in of the Kingdom of God through my leading.


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