Zion is a Holy Name

You should have known such a powerful name was to be arrogated for nefarious purposes.  Of course I’m talking about so-called “Zionist” Jews who use military force, terrorism and violence to thwart the land of Palestine and uproot innocent Palestinian civilians in order to establish their warped view of ushering in the Kingdom of their “Messiah” in Jerusalem.  You False Jews who lobby and influence American government to justify wars.  When and exactly did I ever commission you to do this? Taking force and violence and forsaking Me the Lord by attempting to self-fulfill prophecy which has been skewed in your understanding in the first place? The results speak for themselves, no matter how you try to spin it otherwise in your press as if you are the victims of Palestinian “terrorists”. You “Zionists” disgust me, you are not true Jews. True Jews love me, for I am the Lord.  And I am going to Judge you, big-time. You can count on it.

I’m taking back the holy name of Zion away from criminals.

Concerning the so-called “Zionists” who have invaded the land of Palestine, the joke is on them, for I have rejected that land as the “Holy Land” and have chosen Australia for the New Zion. Such a powerful name seems to breed impure and covetous desires from others.  Zion will be established in Australia upon Uluru. “They have forgotten their restingplace.”  (Jeremiah 50:6)