Man and Religion - by Steven Joseph Christopher - 7/3/45 R.E.


    Mankind has a susceptible propensity to believe in the hyperbolic testimonies of anything which is written with apparent sincerity.  This weakness in man is derived from an unfulfilled desire for personal security of one’s soul after death.

     In both Christianity and Islam, the protagonists have “risen to heaven”, escaping death.  Even Judaism sports this notion with two of its prophets (Enoch and Elijah) being “taken up”.  However, the historical Jesus and Muhammad most certainly experienced a natural death.  Hindus entertain the denial of the finality of the soul after death by supporting the concept of reincarnation.  Not to say that a soul cannot be reincarnated, but for the Indian race, the incentive to believe that one will be born again, hopefully with a more attractive body, may stem from feelings of inferiority, in comparison to another of a more “attractive” race.

    Usually major religions are established decades, even centuries after the main character has lived, and founded on hyperbolic, recorded legends of its scheming scribes.  The time lapse is crucial in order to obfuscate and extinguish anyone’s personal testimony to the veracity of any of the recorded mythical acts.  Hence, a mythical legend is birthed, promulgated and perpetuated by controlling elitists and venerated with devotional sincerity by its ignorant, mass adherents.

    Moreover, these devoted adherents will be the most vocally obstreperous in labeling anything which objectively “attacks” their religion as being utterly blasphemous.  Reasoning with them is difficult and almost impossible.  The more zealous adherents will retaliate their “offense” with violence, most notably the Muslims.  However, even the Christian becomes effectually manipulative in attacking the common-sensed inquirer using non-violent methods veering toward the emotionally immature, tears and all.

 The point is the dichotomy of the emotionally immature reaction of the religionist to the empirically objective notions of the equanimous inquirer becomes rather predictable.

    This day and age, it would be hard-pressed to found a new religion, per se, because there is too much recorded evidence of non-divine attributes in any charismatic individual.  Did MLK raise the dead?  Did he ascend into heaven?  Thank God for the press!  No, it would have to be someone from an obscure land where modern recording equipment hasn’t had the opportunity to “taint” the myth.

    But religion, the word, is derived from the root “lig”. As in ligament, which “binds” or “ties” the bones together. A re-ligamentation of man and God has been arduously sought for ever since the separation of man from God.

    Mankind has always intrinsically realized that there is a detachment from God, and has eagerly desperately sought to re-connect.

    Perhaps when a real, non-hyperbolic, ontological character emerges onto the world stage; someone who is on the one hand real, in regards to making mistakes, yet compelling, in sound intellectual and scientific reasoning, and ‘fits’ the description of the one who can “glue back” man to God; then mankind as a whole, can begin to experience healing, by being reconnected with God, and peace of mind concerning the afterlife.

    Perhaps this person could introduce a universal sign or symbol that represented “union” or “re-connection” with God, and implemented it as a seal, literally and permanently written (tattoo) on each individual’s chest (heart), to visually display their adherence, their “glued” connection with God.  Perhaps this implementation would be the impetus in generating world peace, causing the recipient of the seal to experience ineffable wholeness and serenity in relation to God and his fellow man.

    Perhaps this is the fulfillment of re- “lig” -ion.

    Perhaps this individual is Mr. Steven Joseph Christopher, and his Seal is the G.L.U.E. For humanity.


God’s Ligature Universally Employed.

[The Following document was written on July 3, 2011 (45 R.E.) and submitted in person to Dr. Schoeller at FMC Devens and distributed to certain inmates at FMC Devens.]