Steven Joseph Christopher

4/17/46 R.E.

Today is the kick-off day of the massive global campaign to push all nations together, with compelling the USA to realize their imminent danger and take action by migration to the new Promised Land of Australia.

I’ve design the graphic below with the expectation of you all to help me circulate it. You can right-click on it to copy the “image URL” and paste it into message board forums, as well as direct them to my site. You participation will be rewarded I assure you.

I started a Facebook Group called PROJECT EXITUS here in which you are encouraged to participate.

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The Denver International Airport is the Hub Terminal Out of Here!

Finally revealed for the real reason it was constructed! There is an underground rail system that will transfer the marked children of God to Australia to safety prior to the destruction of America and the rest of the world. That is also why other nations such as the Russian Military have been visiting Colorado lately. If you’ve wondered about all the New World Order clues associated with the Denver International Airport, wonder no more!

New Eclipse/Doomsday Date - May 10, 47 Reg. Era (2013)

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