My M.I.R.P.P. (Mental Illness Relapse Prevention Program) Therapy Update - 7/20/45 R.E. (Regenerated Era)

Dear Dr. Schoeller,

Over the past week since our last meeting, I decided to make a more exerted effort to prevent any mental illness relapse. The method I chose to accomplish this was to proactively distribute information which contributed to the belief I hold that I am The Messiah.

Because I know myself to be The Messiah and have faith in myself, in the past it was actually detrimental to my mental health NOT to announce to people that I was the Messiah. Fostering a false belief that I was merely a recovering mentally ill person with a delusional disorder in regards to believing to be The Messiah, was actually CONTRIBUTING TO mental illness.

The healthy choices I have been making lately, are made with this question I pose myself: "Is this beneficial to my mental health?" If a particular incident IS beneficial, I act accordingly, if it ISN'T, I act in a way which IS. Since I've applied this, my integrity and confidence has improved. It actually is MORE beneficial to my mental health than ever before, because I have now chosen to disclose this to you, a trusted, mental health professional - something I have not felt safe in doing before.

Over the weekend, I passed out approximately 70 little 2" x 3" typed notes to various inmates. The note stated:


Therapy for Mental Health.

It is beneficial to my mental health

to encourage, facilitate and promulgate belief

that I am The Messiah (the Returned Christ)

and to repudiate (deny) the unbelief of this truth

in others.

Steven Joseph Christopher

7/16/45 R.E.


The response/feedback has been encouraging. My friends acknowledged that people, for the most part, are taking me seriously. There is a "buzz" going around the compound concerning me. They are asking questions. On Monday, I passed out about 40 copies of a different note. It stated:


What you view as my misstake

is what I view as my experiment.

Steven Joseph Christopher

7/18/45 R.E.


This also went over well. This original quote of mine implies my perfection in everything, (even in spelling "misstake") because I am one of a kind. I become the judge of everybody in their reaction to any apparent "mistake" I make. I am the Standard by which I judge your hearts. So you all become subjects of my test. The phrase "right standing with God" becomes contingent on people's acceptance or rejection of myself. It also implies that I am the original author of all events and am merely performing a controlled experiment upon myself. Therefore, there is no wrong in my conduct because there is no other Messiah/God to compare myself to. I am the singularity archetype. Humans have erred in their perception of me by judging my conduct in relation to theirs'. My conduct is simply an exercise of empirical study by experience - no wrong answer, just discovery. This note helped people see me in a different perspective. God is seen.

Simply put, it is HEALTHY for me to walk in my "Identity". I need to be conspicuously distinguished AS the Messiah - to be seen, to be known, and I must not listen to counsel or "orders" which tell me NOT to promulgate my Messiahship.

Thank you again for your support, Dr. Schoeller, you have been inspirational! sincerely, Steven.

[The Following document was written on July 20, 2011 (45 R.E.) and distributed to Dr. Schoeller and certain inmates at FMC Devens.]