February 11, 2015


Good evening Sir,

Thank you for the brilliant information you bring. Your concave earth model explains it all. It is the most important knowledge of my lifetime. And in fact, I think it is the biggest truth ever, for all mankind, finally revealed in all its fascinating and beautyfull aspects concerning the true nature of the physical and spiritual nature of God, man and the world.

Though -  it took me a long journey to come here. First I had to accept the fact of beeing fed with lies all the time of my life. I needed a lot of research about the "global" conspiracy - now it all begins to make sense. Thank you again for your courage and the physical and mental effort you put in all your messages and esspacially the 3-D Animations (they help alot to better understanding).


I had a vision concerning the sun and the moon, which I want to share with you.

You say they are the same size. So here is what I saw about that:


God created the angels first, we all know. As a playground for them he made the celestial sphere, which we falsly call universe. When part of the angels rebelled against God, He cast them out. Therefor he made a sphere, put the fallen angels inside and locked them in. Then He let the "prison"-sphere spin outside arround the original heavenly sphere where God resides in the octahedron. This ball, split in two halfs, became later our sun and moon.

Then God made a plan how He could win his lost sons back. He created a second sphere around the heavensphere with its satelite prison. That became later our earth. As it is described in Genesis it was first empty and void, filled only with water and the spirit of God. Something special seems to be with water. It is at the edge of the heavenly sphere and also unbeneath the earth sphere. Maybe its something which demons cannot cross, a borderline or so. Reminds me on the importance of baptizing.

Then God set those fallen angels freefrom their prison-sphere. He split it in two halfs, and the fallen angels fell literally on the earth.

God recycled the two parts of the former prison-sphere and created out of them our moon and sun. Maybe the surface of the moon looks so bombarded because the imprisoned angels were desperatly hitting against it from the inside.

So the fallen angel were here before us.

This is what I saw in my vision. It doesn´t have to be the truth, but it seems fitting with the concept of a purposefully working God.

I think the reason why He created mankind is, cause He needed a possibility to contact His fallen sons after He had tried to discipline them. He only could do that by meeting them in their new realm, which is now our world, the earth.

Therefor He had to become man. And of course there had to be mankind first, and some experience of men and fallen angels participating the same realm. After they mated whith each other, God had to think it all over again. The flood. The glas-shield. Rainbow. Covenant...

He is awsome. He has a good working brain our God. I really think that he is actually pure love. He is working hard for everything to become a good end.

These are my thoughts. I´m sorry for my bad English - I´m German.


For everyone who reads this: before you start a discussion, make clear that you have watched all videos you can get to following subjects:


Moon hoax, Nasa Hoax, ISS hoax, every hoax you can imagine (there are thousends)

occult-agenda, Jesuit-agenda,

all the videos on this channel concerning concave earth theory are highly recommended, for they give the profoundest information to the subject that is now available. And therefor this man should be highly respected and honored.


I dont need anyones opinion on stuff that I allready Ieft behind. I´m looking for further information on the really big questions.

Dont bore me with trashy oldfashioned BS-science or hardcore Christianity.


Sir Steven, please keep on the good work, you are a blessing for everyone with an open mind and heart.

sincerly, Georg Wagner


The Visions of Georg Wagner



Georg is, what I believe to be, a man who hears from the heart of the Father’s Spirit. I think it is essential that his visions are to be heard throughout the earth.

February 12, 2015


Good evening, Sir Lord Steven Christ.


Thank you fo paying attention to my vision.

This was the first time ever that I commented a video on YT. It is now that I decided to go public with my opinion. When I made that animated "God`s Song" which you allready found on my channel, I didn´t know anything about the concave earth. But I find it interesting that all the drawings in my video have that oval frame, as if it was hinting on the concave model. So I uploaded this video allthough it seems not to support the concave earth model so far. When I first uploaded it on YT my username was George Joseph Doublee (the same second name as yours, btw). I took it down a few month ago because I was not shure anymore if I could stand fully behind its message. I had a hard time with my believe in God, because I was confused and felt trapped. Then everything changed, when suddenly I found out, that we live inside the earth, and God is in fact not so far away but the heart of a pretty small cosmos. For the first time in my life I felt, that something of such enormous importance and truth is worthy to be suppored by myself.

That´s the reason why I show my face and my real name. When someone watchs my video he can also listen to my original voice and music.

Nothing to hide anymore.


I had another vision last night concerning the planets in the concave world. If you are interested to read it, please let me know. I will try to write it down  as a comment on this video here. (I´m not so familiar with the English language, except from singing)


sincerly, Georg Wagner (alias George Joseph Doublee)


P.S. I appreciate that you spell my name right now, cause Georg (or George if you will) contains the greek word Geo, which means earth.

February 12, 2015

Here is my vision concerning the planets in the concave world.


I saw that there were no planets before the flood.

The fallen angels took shelter from the flood in the higher atmosphere. They knew they were not allowed to return to the surface of the earth after the flood.

God made a couple of smaller spheres for them, as a prison again - the hollow planets.


The offspring of the fallen angels with the woman on earth became demons after their physical bodies died. These demons remained on mankinds realm even after the flood as bodyless spirits. They were looking for new hosts and became parasites to men.

The fallen angels in their new position contacted the demons on earth, used them as vehicles to continue the rebellion against God. They taught the demons to corrupt mankind in their name.

Some men became possessed by the demons and were decieved to worship those planets, which they were made believe were Gods: mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptun. Actually the planets are vessels for the fallen angels.


Gods plan was sabbotaged. The demons did not perish. The fallen angels kept their influence on mankind via the demons. (a good comparison to demons are orks like in The Lord of The Rings. They are soulless creatures, without the godly spirit, and they follow every evil master, because they are full of hatred.)


Gods response to that new situation was a new plan. He himself needed to have offspring with a woman too. This offspring would be both, a son of God and a son of man at the same time.  Physically 100% man and spiritually 100% God. When this God-man would physically die, it opened the possibility for Gods spirit to remain on the earth, and increasing the possibilty to get in direct contact to mankind via the Holy Spirit. So God chose the same tactical behaviour as the fallen angels practiciced with the demons on earth. He reacted to this new challenge by chosing a very similar means.


Fallen angels were mixing with humans. Their physical offspring (nephilim) were mortal, but the spiritual part of them became immortal demons.


God impragnated Mary. Their physical offspring was the mortal son of man,Jesus. His spiritual part became the immortal Holy Spirit.


Right now the battle still takes place, mainly in our realm. Demons against the Holy Spirit. The battlefield is mankind.


The holy spirit was a neccessary gift as a means to recognize and avoid demonic influences. If God would not have sent the Holy Spirit, He would have lost both, His fallen angel sons and humanity. Therefor it was neccassary for God to split into 3 persons by staying the same personality that He is. One God - three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.


It is all about the fallen angels.

Remember, God created each and evry single angel by himself. They are somehow a part of Himself. He created Adam and Eve in a different way, so that they should have legal offspring, but not immortal as the angels.

We humans die. But we are meant  to recieve eternal life, when the celestial war is over. God needs to convince His fallen angel sons that He is their loving father.

And we as mankind play the most important part in that effort. Yes we are suffering the most from that huge problem, which the fallen angels have caused to the Father.

Our reward will be eternal life in a newly designed, better world, and there will be no demons anymore. I don´t know what God will do, in order to get rid of them. They are simply illegal. But maybe He will turn them into somthing else, or so. But that´s not our business, anyway.


Huh....That´s what I got in my vision. There was evan more, but for now I´m not able to write it down. God told me clearly, to speak about this vision. Not because it has to be true, but for further consideration.

The bible as we know it, is not 100% the true word of God. Most things in it are truely inspired by Him. Some things are inspired by demonic influences, and somtimes God does purpusfully lie (to decieve the demons, not us).


Well, if someone thinks that may sound blasphemic, I´m ok with that. Cause my God, as I know Him, doesn´t care for blasphemy and worship as well. He is busy with sending out love all the time. I evan saw Him weeping one time, cause He really is in serious troubles. Will He win at the end? Supposed to be, yes. Love is his only weapon. And we all need and want to believe, that love allways wins at the end.


Written by a foolish child of God, for others that may understand or laugh.

I rather take the truth from a child or a fool, than from any scientist, theologist, politician or the media. If someone purposfully sells lies, to decieve Gods innocent children, Ithink that is the sin against the Holy Spirit, which cannot be forgiven. It happens through demonic influence. So, I guess, thats why these demons have no future.


I release these words like flying balloons into the worldwide web, will see if they will touch the ground or reach the heavens some day.


Thank you reader, for sharing and considering my thoughts.



For More Concave Earth Evidence, Click Here


More of Georg’s Visions to come? Check back and find out.

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Georg was right, the Sun and Moon ARE the Same Size...

“Gravitational” Lensing in the Concave Earth

February 13, 2015

Is Lord Steven Christ the Messiah?

Have you ever asked yourself how you would expect a modern Messiah would actually be?

Did you expect an exact copy of Jesus Christ? The same look, the same message?


Here is what I think about it:


If I was God, and I decided to expose myself to the people of the earth today, I would choose a guy and prepare him well for that special mission.

He had to bring certain qualities from his own character, like sensitivity, compassion, intelligence and perserverance. I would give him an incredible big ego also. But most importently he had to be strong enough to bear the sacrifices he had to bring, in order to fullfill My godly will.

I would give him some skills, charism and fearlessness and leadership qualities.

In his midlife, after a pretty regular, ordinary life, I would manage to destroy his former life, make shure that he completely looses his reputation, family and friends and torture him with words from my mouth directly into his heart and mind.

I would make him seem like a lunatic to himself and to others. A complete fool.

When he would survive that, I would build him up by giving him deep insight, a true and important message and my heavenly support.

The message of My Messiah would be: a) the true shape and nature of the world and cosmos, b) a glimpse of the true nature of Myself, God.

This Messiah would be broadcasting on the world wide web.

It would be easy, to intellectually understand the new perspective on the universe, because the arguements are perfect, and the evidences are overwhelming.

He would be a teacher not a healer. No miracels, nothing supernatural, just evidence.

It would be important, that he is not a scientist, though speaking about scientific terms and subjects. He would invest his complete time and life in education and presentation, though still learning  and increasingly understanding what his purpose is all about. He would be a humble but arrogant Fool, not easy to accept and love, but easy to reject and ridicule.

Well, then he needs some followers and disciples, wouldn´t he?

Would he do everything right? No. He´d still fail in many ways.


Why must he be a fool?

Cause thats the way God works!

Only children and fools can accept and understand, what the wise and educated reject. Look at all my chosen people in the past. Prophets, Kings, the Apostles, John the Baptist, Paul, St. Francis...

Woul this new "Messiah" make prophecies?

Yes! But that doesn´t have to be the truth. It´s just the way God works in order to get attention.

Loosing his tamper sometimes? Definitly - it´s hard to handle the spiritual overdose, he´d still human, mostly human.

What about his God-likeness?

Very easy to recognice if you know what Godlikness is.

He keeps contact and connection to everyone who has a question or needs further knowledge about the teaching. He is kind to the openhearted and severe to his enemies. He speaks out curses and blessings. He speaks in common peoples normal language (that may actually be not God-like but God/man Jesus-like).

He would never become mainstream!!!


So what makes him different to Jesus?

Not so much different, I think. Except of - he would not litterally be Me, God.

But I would give him signs and small miraculous experiences, and make him believe and act , as if he was. It sounds as if I misused him. Yes, but it is an honor for him to be used for My purposes. He´ll get his compensation - later.


The question is, do I believe in Lord Steven Christ as the Messiah?

No. Only Jesus was and still is the one and only God in the flesh!


I`m shure, that Lord Steven Christ has a divine mission. I think he is somehow chosen and/or supported by God. And he is undoubtedly a very special and unique character. His message is exciting, and he as a person is disturbingly fascinating.

It is like an ideal pattern to clean brainwashed minds. Be open for the unthinkable, the impossible!!!

There is no demonic influence in him, that I´m aware of. The demons don´t evan pay attention, I think, because God is hiding His intention so perfectly to them. Everybody expects a second coming of the original Jesus, so the demons do as well. But God is so clever, he comes out with someone like unbelievable Lord Steven Christ, whom obviously nobody can take seriously (well, some do, and I´m one of them). Everybody seems to know, that the Messiah will be like Gandhi, or JFK or Martin Luther King, right? He must be a honorable person with a professor´s degree, at least. Absolutly sinless, pure and rightous. He doesn´t smoke and has never watched porn. Thats a must.

Oh my God, please be just a dude! If you want me to hang arround with you for eternity...


Folks, I tell you, God is so much different than anybody can imagine.

He is the great architect, a entity with a real heart and a real mind. He is not just a energy or force. He is the father of us all!

He is the heart, and He is in the heart of our cosmos, not so far away. He is watching, listening, participating. We suround him, but he also surrounds us.

I think He truely inspired Steven to that Fema-curse thing, and has fun with it.

Yeah, it is a perfect symbol for God`s omnipresence. The fear thing still works, but I think it is running out soon. NSA and NWO are cheap try copies from Satan/Lucifer/the devil and a evil bunch of demons. They have no real chance, but it has to be taken seriously (for now).


Steven, I liked this last song very much, that you dedicated to your son, whom you havn´t seen for 7 years. Imagine - God hasn´t seen his fallen angel sons for 7000 years now. He knows how you feel, and you can imagine now, how God feels, concerning that painful thing, that still isn´t solved, yet.


For now I can say, I follow you "Lord Steven Christ", because you have teachings of God to give, and I do not know where else to go and find wisdom like yours.


I´m glad you call me a friend, my friend.




Lord Steven Christ 6:37 PM

thank you Georg, that was incredibly insightful and tells me you have been watching me for some time now in the background. It would be nice, however, to one day give you a warm "fatherly" hug so perhaps you can experience the Father is me. :) I will post this to your section of my webpage. love Steve.

God´s Song 2 God sings along


Words, music and animation by Georg Wagner.

Dedicated to "The Lord Steven Christ".

I believe, God is the heart, and He is in the heart of a concave earth!

Thank you, My Lord Steven, for your teachings.

Published on Mar 1, 2015

Words, music and animation by Georg Wagner.

A tribute to the Concave Earth, dedicated to my fellow Concave Earthers.

I tried to make a little 2D animation of the Concave Earth, that we live in. A sphere within a sphere, within a sphere - it is God´s masterpiece. He is allways with us. He resides in a double pyramid (octahedron) at the center of the celestial globe. There is also a glas sphere at 100 km height, which we see as our heaven, This was first discovered by The Lord Steven Christ, whom I want to thank for the inspiration (he also has better 3D animations to the concept).

Enjoy the show and be blessed.

GOD´S SONG 3 - "I Make All Things New" - CONCAVE EARTH

March 2, 2015

Here is another vision of mine.

This afternoon I saw the sun very clearly in a misty sky, just the size of a recent moon.

I looked very close for about 2 seconds, until my eyes hurted. Then I became aware, that I was not looking at a central star, the center of our alleged solarsystem.

I was thinking about the real nucleous of our earth system, which is God Himself. He generates the sun with His electromagnetic energy, so that it can emit light and warmth. Where does God get His energy from? Will He run out of that energy someday?

The concave world seems to be a self-contained system. That meens, all the energy that is beeing used, must stay within the system, it has to be transformed or "recycled", in order to be used again. Energy can not be lost. This makes very much sense in a closed system like our encapsulated world actually is. It would´t make that much sense in an open, endlessly expanding universe. Anyhow - evan physicists postulated a principal about energies sustainability, or whatever.

It is a very obvious thing, that God supports the sun. It seems to be His most important effort to do so, because everything outside of the celestial sphere and inside of the earth sphere definitly depends on the sun as an imperativ and generator for life. Life on earth would not be possible without the sun. And I mean not only the litteral sun, which is only one half of an empty "nutshell" and has no "life" or power of its own. Similar to the moon, which appeares to shine, only by a reflection of the sunlight, the sun itself is also dependend on a different "lightsource" or powergenerator, which is most likely hidden in a octahedron in the center of the celestial sphere. It is a perfect illusion! God has hidden Himself behind so many veils. It shows us the character of this Supreme Being, always working with layers. A sphere within a sphere within a sphere, a reflection of a reflection of a reflection, an echo of an echo of an echo...

It points to a hierarchical system, it seems.

So in fact, it is not the sun, as an object of dead matter, that gives live to everything, but the great illuminator, the one and only "nuclear power station"  in the midst of the heavens.

He empowers every living being on earth, may it be plant, animal or human with the essential energy neccessary for physical life in a material world. If that is true, He must also be the source of every spiritual lifeform, whether they possess a body or not. So to speak like angels, demons or evan dead peoples souls - obviously all provided with a sort of life energy. The only difference between the spiritual lifeforms may be, whether they are incarnated or not. Let´´s call these spiritual entities "souls".They all recieve the fundamental power of existance from the same source, which is God. This implies, that they are dependend on that source. Like the "sun" won´t "shine", if God interrupted the connection. Would God be able to do so? He possibly could stop feeding any piece of matter with His power, which generates only the physical aspects of energy. That´s the reason why living creatures on earth will die physically, when the connection to the source of life´s energy breaks off. But would He also let die a living soul? No!

Energy flows back to the source, both sorts of energy, physical and spiritual. Yes they are different. Physicall energy gets consumed and recycled without any wasting or loss. It is a cosmic perpetuum mobile, as long as God is existant. Spiritual energy or souls don´t get recycled, they continue! They have memory!  And at it´s best, they progress, lern, evolve and transcend. All living souls are immortal fragments of Gods genuine soul. Actually, the death of one single soul would cause the death of God Himself. He can not evan possibly let that happen. That´s why the fallen angel simply can´t be eliminated or executed. And what about the demons? I´m not shure yet, but I think they have not a legal connection to the divine source, therefor they have a parasitic status (very similar to the cancer desease).

Angels share a perpetual existance. They have an unbroken life story, in contrast to us humans. Our souls are continously  experiencing birth and death as apparently different individual persons on earth. Reincarnation? Yes! Why can´t we remember? Because of God´s mercy! We could not bear it. But one day we will be able to see the big picture of all the lifes we´ve ever experienced. That will be a personal act of justice for everyone, I guess.

Where does God receive His energy from? From outside the concave world bubble? No!

He does not get any energetical support from the outside. O.k. there might be some higher form of energy that blongs to the "Gods" only, and He possibly is dependend on it, too. But the main thing is, there is a certain amount of everything in this cosmos,the Lord has created out of Himself, surrounding and encircling Himself. He gives Himself away without consuming Himself. He sacrifices Himself in order to stay alive. That´s the concept of love.

What´s the purpose of all this? Why has God started this experiment? Can God die?

Well, it is part of God´s life! I strongly believe, He had a life before that He started the concave world, and I hope He will at least  survive it. It looks like it´s very serious. It is n definitly not just a silly game or divine entertainment. He is lethaly involved.

The purpose is growth. Like every being on earth, He was increasing physically at first (the entire world is His body), but more importantly He had a great desire to develop His mind and soul, so to speak. Being created after His image means body, mind and soul. God is a individual character on a much higher scale.

Is someone from an unimaginable higher place "testing" God? Is it possible that He can fail? What´s happening to our individual souls in that case? Will I personally cease to exist then for ever? What about the promise of eternal life? A big lie? What the fuck if God´s going to hell? Man, Jesus, I mean...  ! ! !

All that stuff came to me while simply watching the afternoon sun. I´m a believer. I trust in God the Lord ( probably not the most highest, but the only God, who is ever relevant and important to me). I highly adore and appreciate God´s concept of "lessons in love". I am trying to support His idea and efforts, by simply admiring His works and teachings.

(btw. I share the same attitude towards the works of Lord Steven Christ. Credits!)


Optionally there´s more visions to come. And as allways: this doesn´t have to be the truth...it´s just for consideration.

Love to everyone, in the name of The Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit ! ! !



Lord Steven Christ 1 second ago

thank you for sharing this Georg. Indeed God does hide. :)

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