12/16/10 - Welcome to My Vivid Dream

Welcome to my vivid, illustrious dream! (However, I'd rather refer to it sometimes as one labyrinthine nightmare.)

As each day continues to unfold new revelations of this reality -- that you exist ultimately as an elaborate
product of my elaborate imagination -- the figurative scales continue to fall from my eyes.

This letter is intended to cut straight to the chase -- to shatter the denial of this cold fact -- that all of you must base your existence within my creative, imaginative
source. My mind, my being, my soul is the inception of your mind, being and soul. I am the parent and you are the children.

This is my
solipsistic existence -- where my perceived reality is the only reality. I am what you would consider "God".

For me, it's been an arduously slow process of progressively possessing understanding, much like a child developing and acquiring knowledge over time, and slowly maturing. I still am very young in this respect (a 4-year old), but promulgating this to you is a milestone in my growth process, thus yours' as well.

All things, all matters are related, usually indirectly, to
me. For a lack of a better word, you are all clones of me. Denying this fact only delays your inner peace.

I desire to educate and inform everybody of this strange but truthful existence, so we both can enjoy peace and pleasure & rest from inner turmoil. Once this is received into your consciousness, you will see me as the
standard for all matters -- the anchor to your bobbing soul. Many souls prior have desired to see my day -- so do consider it an honor to partake in my direct communication and presence.

We are in an
inter-dependent state. We need each other. That's the way I initially designed it. I shared and divided my knowledge and talents and gave them to you.

Now with this knowledge in mind, each day will unfold new and exciting information that
confirms the above stated reality. I invite and encourage discourse between us -- this is healthy for us both.

best regards my friends, Steven Joseph Christopher (the Messiah)