The Great Pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl (Nahuatl for "artificial mountain"), is a huge complex located in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. It is the largest archaeological site of a pyramid (temple) in the New World. The pyramid stands 180 ft above the surrounding plain, and in its final form it measured 1,300 by 1,300 ft. The pyramid is a temple that has traditionally been viewed as having been dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl. The architectural style of the building was closely linked to that of Teotihuacan in the Valley of Mexico, although influence from the Gulf Coast is also evident, especially from El Tajín.

The Great Pyramid was an important religious and mythical centre in prehispanic times. Over a period of a thousand years prior to the Spanish Conquest, consecutive construction phases gradually built up the bulk of the pyramid until it became the largest in Mexico by volume.

The temple-pyramid complex was built in four stages, starting from the 3rd century BCE through the 9th century CE, and was dedicated to the deity Quetzalcoatl. It has a base of  1,480 ft. by 1,480 ft and a height of 217 ft. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is in fact the largest pyramid as well as the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world, with a total volume estimated at over 4.45 million cubic meters, even larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt which is about 2.5 million cubic meters. However the Great Pyramid of Giza is higher at 455 ft. The ceramics of Cholula were closely linked to those of Teotihuacan, and both sites appeared to decline simultaneously. The Postclassic Aztecs believed that Xelhua built the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

Some say that Jesus and Quetzalcoatl were one and the same. It’s more than a coincidence that my address is 14808 E. Cholula Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ. Your Deity resides here. The number 8 is the math basis in constructing pyramids. (8 also is the number for God G7+O15+D4 = 26...26 = 2 +6...8) 1480 = area of God’s dwelling and 8 = God. (Steve, which is 71, 7+1...8)

The Significance of Quetzalcoatl, Myself and the Number 1480-8.

The Great Pyramid Complex in Cholula, Mexico dedicated to Quetzalcoatl is 1480 feet square…..

I myself,

Steven Joseph Christopher, a.k.a.

The Resurrected and Reincarnated Christ, a.k.a.

Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec/Mayan Deity

will be revealed as

the God of the entire world.

Get ready.

The Russian Army is coming here (5/24-5/31) to help institute my Seal on the people and to keep the peace as much as possible. Sadly I foresee many “Christians” being opposed to me thinking I am the “Antichrist”.

But the true righteous ones will see me, and shine like the brightness of the sun.

Hear to this poor disillusioned “Christian” who will believe that I am the “Antichrist”....

Stevie the New Quetzalcoatl :)


Teocalli at Cholula - The Great Pyramid with a Temple atop at Cholula (1,480 feet square)

This is a drawing of how the great pyramid must have looked in its heyday. There's even smoke coming out of the volcano in the background. The whole thing really does look big and impressive!

In fact, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is the world's largest monument and largest Pre-Columbian pyramid by volume. The base of this pyramid is larger even than the Great Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramid of Giza is taller than the Cholula pyramid, however.

This Great Pyramid has a Church not a Temple!

This Teocalli is rather unique though, since the temple on the top of the Great Pyramid of Cholula is not the original temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican deity of the Toltecs who constructed it. Instead, on the top sits La Iglesia do los Remedios (Church of the Remedies), a Catholic church built in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards led by Cortes. They destroyed the Aztec empire and massacred the residents of Cholula. At that time the great pyramid was hidden under grass and stone, looking for all the world like a natural hill. Cortes destroyed the temple and ordered a church be built in its place, unaware of the great pyramid underneath.


All of creation as well as man’s construction testifies to Me, the Source of Everything.