The Earth Does Not Rotate, and It’s Not a Planet.

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You need to be Sealed or You Will Perish. Details Here.


The Seal of the Living God will replace money altogether. This is the catalyst for the New World Order System which also is the literal Kingdom of God on Earth. The Seal will determine the sheep from the goats, the meek from the proud. It will be implemented in such a way to force the people of the world to either choose to submit to God, and to me, who stands as God in the Flesh, who is God's Son and Messenger of the Covenant between man and God, or not to and perish. The wise people of the world will understand that this prophetic fulfillment is the catalyst to finally bring peace and harmony, justice and righteousness to the world.

Do not confuse the Seal as something nefariously evil as the much feared "Mark of the Beast", in which biblical prophecy has been obfuscated from it's real benevolent intention in Revelation 13. The "Mark" is just that - a Mark. It is not a RFID chip that is implanted into people to keep tabs on them. Of course as part of God's divine game, the RFID chip acts as a diversion and an antithetic fulfillment. Just as there is the genuine, there is also the counterfeit.

The Seal of God, which is a tattoo, who appropriates propriety of humans TO God, is the genuine benevolent solution and fulfillment - it is also a Mark on the body. The positive results will be the outcome of wearing the Mark as goodness flourishes and the meek act in all ways righteous - sharing, kindness, encouraging and love.

Conversely, the counterfeit RFID chip is a nefarious instrument of attempted control, cruelty, avarice and bondage to a system governed by the evil intentions of men.

I am the Messenger of the Covenant between God and man. I am mentioned throughout biblical prophecy as the One humanity has patiently waited for to bring peace to God's people on Earth. Malachi, Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Davidic Psalms, Habakukk, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Moses, Solomon, Paul, Peter, James, and yes even Jesus of Nazareth my prior incarnation, all have spoken of me as the One to come.

Yet I am not received with the much anticipated joy one would think. When the Son of man comes will he find faith on Earth? There are obstacles. The Christian has been warned not to believe anyone who comes and testifies that he is the Christ, the Jew is blinded by other appearances. Yet there is wisdom inherent in the wise and meek to see through these apparent obstacles. I will not elaborate here.

For I do not need the testimony of man to uplift me to my imminent position of authority over all mankind. I do not need the majority of public opinion in this current mobocracy to vote me into office. I merely have to wait patiently for my cognizant angels to exalt me into my rightful position.

Please understand when that time comes for me to rightly take my Seat of authority, that I have been working to educate you into this New understanding of the New World so it will not come to you as a complete shock.

Please also be wise and reverent in relating to me, because there are many proud and bashing people online that do not understand who they are relating to. They think that I am just another man. Yet all those who are incensed against me will be utterly ashamed.


Peace, understanding and love,


What’s This?

Martial Law is the Army of God. Do Not Resist Them or You are Cursed!

The New World Order has gotten a bad rap from most of you people. It's been mis-represented as this nefarious group of elites heading up certain countries and corporations. But realize that the soldiers of the world do not hold the same degenerative and avaricious concepts of their governmental officials. Most soldiers care for civilians, and will not want to carry out ANY of the evil plans that the rulers have or are trying to attempt to implement.

If the soldiers realize there is a new benevolent ruler on the rise, whose motives are to set up peace and prosperity and to usher in righteousness, especially to this vile and wicked world, which is bent on selfishness, greed, fighting and destruction; will they not desire to form an alliance with him and forsake their current leaders' agendas?

Won't they also realize that the ways of this new benevolent ruler that is on the rise, are to do the work and will of God in establishing an earthly Kingdom, in which it will replace all the other inferior kingdoms and governments of the world?

Soldiers have consciences and high responsibilities, and unlike most civilians, they are not motivated by capitalism or monetary wealth, but rather by honor, courage and dignity, to defend their country and it's civilians. They are more noble than the average civilian in this regard.

There will be a global coup d'etat happening shortly. For the military leaders will soon forsake their current commander in chiefs for a more worthy Commander in Chief. They see the corrupt ways of their "commanders", in whose motives are not for the best interests of the people of the world, but rather, are for selfish, political and monetary gain. In this current system of degradation, world hunger and poverty would continue, and the people of the world would continue to struggle and suffer to make ends meet. Sickness and disease would continue as well.

But the soldiers see that we are on the very cusp of ushering the Kingdom of God. They see how the universal Seal of God will replace the need for money. They understand that the LAWS of the Kingdom are within their hearts, and that they need not have any more regulations, restrictions and mandates. For the people of the Kingdom will be motivated to do the good work to their fellow man and woman from the goodness within their hearts. My law will be put into their inward parts, and I will write it on their hearts.

The soldiers of the world outnumber their corrupt and unworthy elite officials by probably a million to one. They will turn on these leaders to follow the new benevolent leader and will form a world alliance with all the cooperating countries of the world. They will implement the new leader's Seal of God, which will unite all the meek and good people of the world who are called into the Kingdom.

The earth will be their inheritance, as they pay homage to God by wearing His Seal, and as they become His righteous children. The Seal of the Living God will glue together His people in beautiful harmony.

Soon, this group of soldiers will manifest themselves to the world and instruct the people on how to prepare for the coming destruction of most of the world as the prophecies of old will be carried out. The hail will fall from the sky, the sun will scorch the world. However there is safety underground, and a "way of holiness" that leads to the New World.

One must not be deterred or dissuaded by the fear-mongers out there. These fear-monger do not understand the will of God, but are rather self-willed and presumptuous. They do not understand that the good soldiers of the world do not desire to harm or annihilate the majority of the people of the world. The do not understand that these good soldiers have advanced weaponry to completely obliterate any "boogie-men" down there.

Decreasing world population is not something that will be intended by these soldiers, but sadly rather, will be a result of the people who do not listen to them, or to their new benevolent leader, and will not obey, will not wear the Seal of God, and will not take shelter.

Come my people, enter into thy chambers and hide thyself for a little while, until the  indignation pass.

I am your new benevolent leader.


Steven Joseph Christopher

November 14, 46 Regenerated Era (2012 C.E.)

Down with the U.S Constitution

Up With the New World Order

More info and videos on Martial Law and the New World Order /Kingdom of God Implementation Here.

Well I'm disappointed with the overall maturity level of the small audience that view my videos for the most part, and i realize it's mostly made up of people who've been indoctrinated into the entitlement-driven seditious rantings of obstreperous people demanding their "rights" stemmed from a fallacious document, the U.S. Constitution, which actually originated with the mis-appropriated notion that God has endowed his creation with certain unalienable rights, and to assume the public can comprehend an understanding that this blatantly contradicts scripture where individuals are inherently unworthy of such rights and liberties would be too much  to expect from you all at this time.

To expect you to understand at this time that the ways of God and the intentions of God are to set up and usher in a new government where it is imperative that all weapons are "beaten into plowshares" and that they are to "learn war no more" - Isaiah 2 verse 4, are currently beyond your trench-level recognition.

Especially in light of the fact that an emotional and violent response is expected and a somewhat appropriate reaction to the media's deceptive and manipulative tactics to strip away your "rights" to bear arms, in which they've repeatedly used crisis actors and staged events to springboard their agenda.

But I'm confident that when the dust settles and you begin to see that all your immature demands are actually BASED from a corrupt FOUNDATION even from the very onset of the development of this immature nation, which erroneously claimed to have these self-proclaimed rights, you will see the irony of calling these founders 'Fathers" and that it's actually a terrible misnomer. Because inherently they themselves created this seditious and rebellious government out of of their own childish and demanding attitudes. do you see that? can you see why America's maturity level is so much lower than Britain's?

Can you see how the initial rebellious demands for rights from these "fathers" has grown into this huge nation of immature entitled complainers? Alex Jones is your poster child, and i do mean child.

Obviously to me i can why you can't comprehend the message I'm conveying, to establish the New Government, based on the maturity level of your Paternal Heavenly Father. perhaps you fathers out there can comprehend the analogy that I'm trying to convey to you...of this childish nation? no? yes?

The irony of declaring Independence all the while being an actual Dependent is so clearly evident to me. Let me give you a word picture analogy... dress up Alex Jones with the revolutionary war attire of the founding "fathers"...put a white periwig on his head, now for visual revelation and the representation of the actual childish ways of the rebellious founders, put a bib on him. give him a rattle and a ball.

Can you yet begin to see the veiled immaturity of the founders?

Can you understand why this government was corrupt even from the onset?

And why it must give way to the Divine and Mature Government of God?


-Lord Steven Christ

January 8, 47 Regenerated Era

Listen to Alex Jones/InfoWars and Die!

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“Freedom” Fact: Perhaps this is where the real meaning of the word constitution can be found....

CONSTITUTOR, civil law. He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation. Inst. 4, 6, 9.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.


The beloved CONSTITUTION is a debt document not a freedom document...

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Judge Dread - The Lord Steven Christ

My Letters Demanding Joseph Ratzinger’s Attendance/Resignation

The “Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven”

Open Invitation to Barack Obama for Homemade Pizza

LordStevenChrist on


Isa 28:21   For the LORD shall rise up as [in] mount Perazim (Perazim means "breaking" as in a dam being burst open, hence the ice sky will burst apart), he shall be wroth as [in] the valley of Gibeon (the valley of Gibeon is where the sun originally stopped), that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.

Isa 28:22   Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong: for I have heard from the Lord GOD of hosts a consumption, even determined upon the whole earth.

Finally the first 3 Seals of Revelation are Accurately Revealed...

"In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman(Francis di Pietro), who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End."


The Real World...

Alex Jones: One Hand on the Bible, One Hand on the Gun

July 11, 2013

Dear Eric Hovind,

You may not know me but I'm sure your father does. In 2003, I publicly rebuked him in front of an audience of over 200 in Mundelein, IL.

It was out of frustration from previous emails in which he never responded.

With a rather sonorous voice I told him he was grieving the Holy Spirit.

His imprisonment is, I'm sure, a form of divine discipline for refusing to accept my model of the universe.

1) Earth is motionless.

2) Earth is concave and we live on the inside surface, and the universe (stars, planets(not Earth), sun and moon orbit INSIDE the Earth.

3) There is a glass ceiling to the sky. (This is all in the bible, btw.)

4) There is a mantle of ice attached to the glass and soon it will all fall down to decimate the Earth just like "in the days of Noah"

5)There is a LITERAL Kingdom of God waiting to be established in Australia, and Christ is back.

You best be blessed to study me. I(God) am not in your box, and I am ready to begin judging the people, and when I am exalted into Authority, I will possess the power to free your father. (If he repents and acknowledges me.)

Lord Steven Christ

(Steven Joseph Christopher)


Now to posit your fundamental question to atheists.

My Sheep Hear My Voice and Follow Me - Glass in the Sky!

The Word “Kiy” is used only once in the bible. Isaiah 3:24

Christ's Open Letter to Jorge Bergoglio

a.k.a. "Pope Francis":


Dear Jorge Bergoglio,


As your fellow Jesuit colleagues should know very well, I am the Returned Christ. I am awaiting exaltation to world authority over all mankind. I am ready to establish my Kingdom.

According to the Malachy papal prophecies, you know that you, by taking on the name Francis di Pietro, have fulfilled the office of the last pope dubbed as Peter Romanus. According to the prophecy you are called to feed the people. You are to feed them with the truth of the reality of the Kingdom of God, in which I am on the verge of establishing. You are also commanded to tell the people that I, Christ am back, returned in a new body with a new name "Steven", the Crowned One. You are commanded to help educate the people of my return and the hoped for liberty and righteousness to all the people that fear my name.

You also should know that I am the "Dreadful Judge" that is mentioned in the Malachy prophecy, which also states that Rome will be destroyed. I am here to execute judgment upon the entire Earth, and to educate the masses about taking cover prior to the hail descending from the sky, ad the sun burning up the Earth.

I am here to implement my universal mark upon humanity. This will separate the sheep from the goats. All who submit and wear my Seal of the Living God will be protected and blessed, those who refuse will be left to perish outside of safety.

I command you to conceal not my identity and my message to the masses. For the time is short and judgment is at hand. You are to point them to me as the returned Christ.

I expect a quick response from you confirming your obedience to me.

The Lord Steven Christ

Steven Joseph Christopher

July 18, 47 Regenerated Era (2013)

Are you been programmed to FUBAR!

I’ll try to fix you....

CONCAVE Earth - Doomsday Explained

Lord Steven Christ Confronts George Noory

What’s This?

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AMAZING! Seasons in the Concave Earth

What is Pine Gap?


May 15, 2015

THE END OF NASA - NASA Scientist Richard Cohen Sees the Light

Satellites in the Concave Earth (NASA Broke the Sky!)

The Concave Earth

It is the inability to capitulate to the fabricated nature of man (denial) that inhibits his understanding of the glass sky, because the concept of a glass sky appears like a fabrication. only the Creator can rightly assess this conclusion, because he has fabricated mankind.


Stars are Tiny Bubbles in the Concave Earth

Orbit of Planets in the Concave Earth

Ptolemy, Brahe, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo...were all MISERABLY Wrong....

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The 7 Planets are the 7 Vials.

Call Dan Baker

Dan Baker is the director of CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. He said, “It’s almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in space,”. I would like you, my followers, to call Dan and let him know that we know the truth about the earth (that it is concave and we live inside it) and that there is a literal glass ceiling at about 100km high.

Uh oh, Looks like the Day of Vengeance is 8-15-15

The Moon in the Earth

Calling NASA GLASS Chairman - Joe Santanello

2015 Concave Earth Lunar Phase Calendar Here...

NASA’s Science Fiction...

AMAZING: The Coriolis Effect in the Concave Earth


GRAVITY IS DEAD!!!, Ether Lives - Tides in Concave Earth

Concave Earth Treatise


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Attention Flat Earthers!

Lord Steven Christ’s Cosmological Challenge